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Based in the South West of England, Hugo Lines works in both traditional and digital mediums.


Hugo is interested in the stories unfolding within defined spaces and his aim is to draw viewers into a rich experience as they move from one image to the next. He finds the play and contrast between the interior and exterior particularly fascinating. The subject could be the stillness of a seemingly empty room or the dynamic light in a wooded landscape. 


Hugo originally trained as a graphic artist and spent many years working as a designer and art director in London advertising agencies. His passion for photography and attempting to capture the extraordinary in the ‘ordinary’ of both daily life and his wider travels eventually led him back to his first love of drawing and painting. 


From 2005 to 2007, Hugo attended the Royal Drawing School . After graduating he relocated to Devon to set up his own studio.


Much of Hugo’s work is available to buy online and if you are interested in a more major purchase or in exhibiting a piece or collection, he is always happy to arrange a studio visit.

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